Each piece from Ferrazzutti is custom made to order.  Initial design concepts are presented in the form of rough sketches along with an idea of cost.  Several concepts may be offered in order to flush out the direction of the design.   With each new design Adrian typically builds a full size model or prototype in order to resolve the dimensions, proportions and any unforeseen construction issues.  In the case of chairs it may require three or four prototypes to arrive at a design that  not only looks fantastic but, sits nicely and is comfortable.  Of the numerous processes required to create one of a kind furniture prototyping is a vital step to insure that the final piece has no shortcomings, either in form or function.  A completed model can be brought to location for an on site evaluation or viewed at the studio.  When this is not realistic Adrian will photograph the model in detail and images will be sent out for final approval.  Samples of wood are often shipped to insure that the colour, texture and grain as well as combinations of woods are well suited and there are no surprises.  At this point of the commission process a final price is determined, a fifty percent deposit is ask for and work begins.  A small wooden box may require two weeks to complete while large projects  can demand two or three months.  Lead times may extend beyond this as it is not uncommon for there to be a six month back log of work in the studio.  Completed pieces are photographed for promotional use then delivered in person by Adrian.  Pieces that must travel greater distances are crated and shipped at an additional cost.  Payment for balance owing including taxes and any shipping costs is due upon delivery.  Feel free contact Adrian with any questions regarding a particular piece or to discuss a new project.

Crated and ready to ship.